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The Reading


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09-18-2023: EXCITING ANNOUCEMENT! Tim LeiningerConnecticut and Broadway theater critic, host of One Man's Opinion on YouTube and the Yesterday's Matinee podcast - will be moderating the talkback after the reading of The End of Empire with the writer, director and cast. Tim's experience and expertise will make this a fun and informative session for everyone!

The End of Empire Cast at readthrough on 9/9/2023

09-09-2023: A final readthrough with our talented cast before rehearsals begin on 09-19. Great insights and ideas generated - very exciting!

Writer POV at Readthrough 9/9/2023

09-09-2023: A playwright's POV at a readthrough. Why are the snacks so far away...?


About the play

The End of Empire follows the CEO of the world's largest social media platform as he and his executives, over the course of a single week, navigate ethical challenges posed by competitors, politicians, and each other. The play is an ambitious tale that takes the audience from the dawn of mathematical numbers to the contemporary challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence.

Meet the cast

Meet the creative team


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Stage Manager

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